​​Koinonia Water Plant is a "Packaged Drinking Water" manufacturing plant at Lengte Road, Lengte - 796 501, Mizoram, India. Our plant is a private business enterprise with a registered office at South Kanan, Kanan Veng, Aizawl - 796 009, Mizoram, India.

Koinonia Water Plant is a manufacturing plant for Packaged Drinking Water with our brand name "Koinonia Tui". Our "Packaged Drinking Water" is drawn from protected aquifers and processed using Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Violet Sterilization at our state of fully automatic plant under strict quality control. You can be assured that our product is free from harmful chemicals and germs.

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Koinonia Juice Plant have an exclusively grown, processed and packaged product at Lengte Road, Lengte - 796 501 in Mizoram. Our plant is privately owned with a registered office located at South Kanan, Kanan Veng, Aizawl - 796 009, Mizoram, India.

Our fresh organic lemon is exclusively grown in the orchards of Koinonia Juice Plant. Our juice is extracted from the fruits under hygienic conditions and stored with a permitted preservatives in a safety container in a concentrated form till it is processed into a Ready-To-Drink beverage. Our product contain vitamins and provides invigorating energy to the consumer. Lemon is good for diabetics and also well known for its property to control human blood pressure. Our fresh tangy flavor of lemon also freshens the mind and invigorates the body.

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We have two business here in the northeastern side of India called Mizoram. And one Recording Studio.

Investment on Land, Plant & Machineries of Koinonia Juice Plant & Koinonia Water Plant are from our owned (Owner/Partner) financial contribution. It is a privately owned existing business without any financial project schemes from the Central Government or State Government.

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